Slowing down
"Hurry is the enemy of love" says Steve Biddulph, author of Raising Boys, Raising girls
Drinking that brings us closer to God and each other
A Catholic's guide to life with the Spirits
Live simply so that others may simply live
Matthew Kelly and his thoughts on generating a richer perspective on money.
FAM users have as much, or more, sex as contraceptive users
Offering  informative  and  engaging  articles  by  quality  writers  in  Australia  and  overseas,  FRANKLY has been designed to engage with ordinary people on topics that are relevant to their everyday lives.

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It was a pleasure reading the snippets of beautiful writings in FRANKLY. They are so inspiring and full of serene and positive thoughts that celebrate life. The short and sweet approach leaves an impact on the reader and makes one think about what was written.


Nice to read something meaningful, balanced, clever, intelligent and with humour. Has something for everyone, a good read. Makes being Catholic look like fun!


Thank you for the issue of Frankly. My early twenties children, all 4 of them, took turns commenting on the style of it. It feels and looks beautiful!


What a beaut feel for a family magazine! With magazine articles that add value for once… Good Weekend move over

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