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Our Many Marriages


Change is part of (married) life. Byron and Francine Pirola explain how to create a marriage that endures though many different seasons.

Just as people change, so do the relationships that involve them, especially marriage. Francine and Byron take us through their four ‘marriages’ to each other so far – and they’re still counting!

The StickKit online marriage courses

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For better or worse?

Byron and Francine Pirola discuss the importance of hope in navigating the inevitable ‘for worse’ times that afflict our marriages. This short video is a sample from their popular online course, ‘The Marriage Kit’ which has over 500 couples enrolled.

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For better Resilience of the Marital kind

Let’s face it – marriage can be a tough gig these days. A lot of couples get themselves into trouble because they make a very simple mistake: they expect marriage to make them happy. In practice, this mindset translates into an expectation that their spouse must make them happy. So whenever they are not happy, they project their unhappiness onto their spouse, making their spouse responsible and adding stress to the relationship.

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