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Pause for a moment before that first coffee or tea of the day and silently give thanks to God for the glorious gift to humanity that is the coffee bean! Breathe in the aroma, feel the steam on your face, appreciate the colour and clever patterns on the milk froth. Hold your first mouthful and let the flavour reach every taste bud. Feel the warmth spread through your body as you swallow.
Mindfullness in little things discharges stress and enhances wellbeing…and sharing it with God grows our faith.

Give Thanks

God’s blessings are lavish. Every bite, every sip, every meal is God’s gift. Yet so often we devour our food with little thought for the series of blessings that have delivered it to our plate: the miracle of creation that gives forth plants and animals, the labour of farmers who cultivate it, the human ingenuity that processes and transports it, the hands that lovingly prepare it.
Before eating, pause…give thanks. Let the meal nourish you physically and spiritually.

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