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A man walks past a poster welcoming Pope Francis to Ecatepec, on the north east side of Mexico City, on February 5, 2016. The Pope will visit Mexico February 12-17. AFP PHOTO/RONALDO SCHEMIDT / AFP / RONALDO SCHEMIDT (Photo credit should read RONALDO SCHEMIDT/AFP/Getty Images)

Christian artists, inspired by the faith, are taking the Gospel to the streets with results that bring life and joy to the urban landscape. FRANKLY features four great examples of inspired street and pop art.

Pope Francis Prays, Mexico

Check out the wall of 50 Catholic graffitii murals inspired by Pope Francis’ visit to Mexico in 2016.

Eternity by Arthur Stace

Learn more about this iconic Sydney personality and his 30-year mission to remind us of ‘Eternity’.

Banksy “Eternity” New Street Piece For “Better Out Than In” – Queens

Watch Banksy, the world’s most famous graffiti artist comment in paint on ‘Eternity’.×8

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