Byron & Francine Pirola

Byron & Francine Pirola are the authors of the Smart Loving Series which enjoys an international readership. They are parents to 5 children and live in Sydney, Australia.

Christopher West

Christopher West is a best-selling author, speaker and world-renowned expert in John Paul II’s Theology of the Body. He is the founder of The Cor Project ministry.

Matthew Kelly

Australian-born Matthew Kelly is a bestselling author and speaker and the founder of the Dynamic Catholic Institute. For his book, The Four Signs of a Dynamic Catholic he conducted research on vibrant parishes and their people.

Marilyn Rodrigues

Marilyn Rodrigues is a writer, wife and mother of five young children. She is the editor of FRANKLY and Cathfamily. She has a regular column in Sydney’s archdiocesan newspaper “The Catholic Weekly”  and is a regular contributor to the Wollongong Diocese radio program “The Journey”

Kiara Pirola

Kiara Pirola is a 25-year-old PhD student and one of the geekiest Catholics around. Her passions include: reading everything, writing about international politics and eating delicious food. She takes bribes in chocolate or mortgage repayments in exchange for flattering acrostic poems published on her blog that only her grandparents read.

Archbishop Mark Coleridge

Archbishop Mark Coleridge is the Metropolitan Bishop of Brisbane, member of the Pontifical Council for Social Communications and a 2015 Synod Bishop Delegate.

Robert Falzon

Robert Falzon is co-founder of menALIVE, a Catholic movement for men. He is also co-author of “The Father Factor”. Robert is married to Alicia and together they have 4 sons..

Fr Mike Schmitz

Fr Mike Schmitz is the director of Youth and Young Adult Ministry in the Diocese of Duluth, Minnesota and Chaplain at the University of Minnesota-Duluth

Cathy Harris

Cathy Harris is co-founder and co-director with her Husband David of Harris Farm Markets and one of Australia’s business and equal opportunity leaders. She is the mother of 5 sons and employs about 1500 people in the family business.

Bishop Eugene Hurley

Bishop Eugene Hurley is the Catholic Bishop of Darwin. For many years he chaired the Bishops Commission for Pastoral Life, which among other responsibilities supports marriages and families.

Archbishop Anthony Fisher

Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP is the Catholic Archbishop of Sydney and a Dominican. He is a Member of the Pontifical Academy for Life and Professor of Moral Theology and Bioethics at the John Paul II Institute of Marriage and Family. Archbishop Fisher is a Bioethicist and has published extensively in this area.

Suzanne North

Suzanne North is a Family Educator at St. Margaret Marys Parish, North Randwick. Suzanne is trained in Waldorf Early Childhood Education and is currently completing further studies in Early Childhood Education. She has three school-age children and lives in Sydney, Australia.

Anne Maree & Steve Parsons

Anne Maree & Steve Parsons met through mutual friends and were married in their early thirtys. They bravely share their infertility journey with FRANKLY readers

Fr Tony Percy

Fr. Tony Percy is a priest of the Canberra-Goulburn Archdiocese and author of “Entrepreneurship in the Catholic Tradition”

Ron & Mavis Pirola

Ron & Mavis Pirola were founding members the Pontifical Council for the Family, on which they served for over twenty five years (1983 – 2009). They were one of 13 couples present at the 2014 Synod in Rome.

Joseph Prever

Joseph Prever is a writer and web developer. He shares his experiences of living the Catholic faith as a person with same sex attraction on his blog:

Tim O’Malley

Tim O’Malley is the director of the Notre Dame Centre for Liturgy, Institute for Church Life at the University of Notre Dame, South Bend, Indiana.

Dr Gregory and Lisa Popcak

Dr Gregory and Lisa Popcak are authors and well known speakers on marriage and family life in the USA. They have three children.

Bishop Peter Comensoli

Bishop Peter A Comensoli is the bishop of the Diocese of Broken Bay and the Australian Catholic Bishops’ delegate on euthanasia.

Jonathan Doyle

Jonathan Doyle is an international author and speaker on relationships and personal development. He and his wife Karen are co-founders of Choicez Media.

Paul Ninnes

Paul Ninnes is the co-founder and managing director of Real Talk International. He speaks on a variety of topics including pornography use, relationships, and marriage to more than 10,000 people each year.

Karen Doyle

Karen Doyle, relationships educator and founding member of Sisterhood, a Catholic women’s movement.

Fr Richard Healey

Fr Richard Healey, pastor of St Paul’s Albion Park in the Wollongong Diocese

Peter Holmes

Peter Holmes is a lecturer in theology at the University of Notre Dame, Sydney. He is currently undertaking PhD research focusing on the theology of masculinity, and is married with eight children.

Dr Greg Bottaro

Dr Greg Bottaro is a clinical psychologist practicing in New York and through online conferencing. He runs the online course Catholic Mindfulness, which
integrates neuroscience with Catholic belief. Greg will be visiting Sydney in February 2018.