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Seeking Happiness

Feet of the family warming at a fireplace with marshmallows on sticks

Every parent wants their child to be happy, but what do we mean by the word ‘happy’? FRANKLY takes a close look at happiness and expert’s tips on making happier kids and families.

Is ‘Happiness’ Enough?

Research in the positive psychology field has brought science to the art of happiness. And the Church has brought some recent contributions to bear as well.

The Theology of the Body and the science of happiness

Making Happier Kids and Families

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Slower Childhood


The current issue of FRANKLY explores the concept of slower childhood. Freeing the kids from the time squeeze allows time for the things that matter the most in forming healthy, happy people. If you feel like your life is dictated by the kid’s activity schedule, it may be time to re think the family priorities.


“Simplicity Parenting” Cath Family E News Edition

Susanne North: Family Educator at St. Margaret Marys’, North Randwick

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Their Name is Today: Reclaiming Childhood in a Hostile World

“We know children learn best through playing, but play also brings joy, contentment and detachment from the troubles of the day. In our frantically over-scheduled culture, every child should have a right to play.”

Johann Christoph Arnold, Counsellor and Author.

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Bill Doherty Relastionship Insitute

“ If we see ourselves only as providers of services to our children (and indeed, this is one important part of parenting), we end up confused about our authority, anxious about displeasing our children, insecure about whether we are providing enough opportunities and worried that we are not doing enough to keep up with other parents. This market economy, when applied to the family, is a recipe for insecure parents and confused kids.”

Bill Doherty, Author and Family Therapist

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