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Holy Spirits


FRANKLY takes us through a Catholic’s guide to life with the (beer, wine, and) spirits, with recipes for saint-inspired drinks.

Good News about Booze. There are numerous references in the Bible to alcohol. Some appear to favour it while others condemn it. It’s an important feature in the Gospel stories. Watch an account of the wedding at Cana, as told in St John’s Gospel.

The Temperance and Teetotal Movements

The beginnings of the Alcoholics Anonymous and the Twelve Step recovery method were important contributions of the Temperance movement. Watch a classic silent comedy sketch, The Kansas Saloon Smashers, which parodied the Teetotal movement. LINK TO THE VIDEO

Sacramental Drinking and Spirited Catholics

There is such a thing as ‘sacramental drinking’ – FRANKLY takes a look, and features some current Catholic winemakers and brewers, and interviews Clonakilla Wine’s CEO Tim Kirk.

In Drinking with the Saints: The Sinner’s Guide to a Holy Happy Hour, author Michael Foley writes of sacramental drinking.

Seven Hill Cellars

Good Catholic Girl

Trappist Beer etc.

Clonakilla – Spring releases two benchmark wines

The Disciples of Jesus

Michael Galovic ICONS and art

Michael Galovic – The Good Shepherd (Belmont church 2016)

Watch how to make our Winter Joey recipe

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